The Importance of Nutrition

We all know that feeding in all life cycles is critical to maintaining physical health and well-being. The Brazilian Federal Government has developed programs aimed at meeting the main nutritional needs of the population, from birth to aging. Adequate feeding at birth contributes to healthy adolescence, and this can minimize morbidities in old age. The Ministry of Health has prepared several manuals with the guidance of health professionals, to better serve the nutritional orientation of the Brazilian population.
In order for the population to be assisted in relation to nutritional care, it is important that more actions like this are put into practice, so the Federal Government has instituted the Stork Network that aims to offer the woman and the child the right to humanized attention during the period from prenatal to puerperium, as well as child care, which covers the entire Unified Health System, which contributes to the detection of any nutritional fragility.

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