The Bamboo Massage

Did you know that there is a massage done with bamboo? Yes! She exists.

The Bambuterapia or Bamboo Massage is nothing more than the massage performed with bamboo. From the earliest days for the Chinese, bamboo represented strength, beauty, lightness and flexibility.
The technique originated in Japan, but was perfected in Europe for facial and body treatment. It can also be used in massage therapies such as: lymphatic drainage, shiatsu, ayurvedic and reflexology.
But how does this technique work and function in the body of the individual who seeks it?
Bambuterapia or Bamboo Massage, as it is also known, stimulates the glands found in the human body, providing a draining effect and localized fat reducer, helping in the reduction of cellulite, which has attracted more and more practitioners.
In addition, depending on the work done by the skilled professional, bamboo can help in silhouette reshaping, something common in some aesthetic clinics. This is because the maneuver performed with bamboo is always in the lymphatic direction, getting more intense with the use of specific hot oils and localized fat reducers that are also counteracted by bamboo clamping maneuvers.
So, was curious to meet Bamboo Massage?

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