Ayurvedic Massage Therapy

Ayurvedic massage (a term meaning the union of life and science) is a massage technique widely used by ayurvedic doctors and therapists and considered as the most integrated natural massage therapy technique of our ancestors, having been created approximately 6 thousand years ago according to historical writings in India.
This ancient practice is done by means of deep and vigorous touches and uses natural products such as vegetable oil. This lubricant is taken to the fire in a container and applied at warm temperature under the skin. The practice begins to be performed by the patient’s spine, which is the basis of the body’s support. After that, the movements are extended to the other members of the human body
Percussors of the technique and driven by curiosity to know how the body worked, Indians used to isolate themselves in the mountains to learn from nature and animals.
Famous for its relaxing effects, Ayurvedic massage can also be beneficial to health and responsible for the balance between body, mind and energy.

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