Can Sedentary lifestyle kill a person?

Physical inactivity may be considered one of the greatest poisons for humans, but could this problem kill?

In the early twentieth century life was very different from what we live today, much of the technology that we consider basic today was still being developed and the work was concentrated in large factories and industries.

Therefore, sedentary lifestyle until the early 1940s was not yet considered a problem, as only a small portion of the population was sedentary.

This scenario began to change when technology became more and more part of the daily life of human beings, both at work and at home, thus encouraging the growth of physical inactivity.

If at first our foraging hunted, fished or went on long journeys, today we live in a society where people have easy access to everything without much effort and this fact can unfortunately be detrimental to our health.

The fact is that the human body that was designed over millions of years to reach what it is today is not prepared to live a sedentary life.

Today we can say that physical inactivity kills.

Check out the list of the main problems that a sedentary lifestyle can cause:

  • Cardiovascular diseases
  • Diabetes
  • Obesity
  • Rheumatological Diseases
  • Impairment of quality of life

To help you learn more about physical inactivity we have separated a special video, we hope it will be useful in your life:

Massage in São José do Rio Preto

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The Importance of Nutrition

We all know that feeding in all life cycles is critical to maintaining physical health and well-being. The Brazilian Federal Government has developed programs aimed at meeting the main nutritional needs of the population, from birth to aging. Adequate feeding at birth contributes to healthy adolescence, and this can minimize morbidities in old age. The Ministry of Health has prepared several manuals with the guidance of health professionals, to better serve the nutritional orientation of the Brazilian population.
In order for the population to be assisted in relation to nutritional care, it is important that more actions like this are put into practice, so the Federal Government has instituted the Stork Network that aims to offer the woman and the child the right to humanized attention during the period from prenatal to puerperium, as well as child care, which covers the entire Unified Health System, which contributes to the detection of any nutritional fragility.

Ayurvedic Massage Therapy

Ayurvedic massage (a term meaning the union of life and science) is a massage technique widely used by ayurvedic doctors and therapists and considered as the most integrated natural massage therapy technique of our ancestors, having been created approximately 6 thousand years ago according to historical writings in India.
This ancient practice is done by means of deep and vigorous touches and uses natural products such as vegetable oil. This lubricant is taken to the fire in a container and applied at warm temperature under the skin. The practice begins to be performed by the patient’s spine, which is the basis of the body’s support. After that, the movements are extended to the other members of the human body
Percussors of the technique and driven by curiosity to know how the body worked, Indians used to isolate themselves in the mountains to learn from nature and animals.
Famous for its relaxing effects, Ayurvedic massage can also be beneficial to health and responsible for the balance between body, mind and energy.

The Bamboo Massage

Did you know that there is a massage done with bamboo? Yes! She exists.

The Bambuterapia or Bamboo Massage is nothing more than the massage performed with bamboo. From the earliest days for the Chinese, bamboo represented strength, beauty, lightness and flexibility.
The technique originated in Japan, but was perfected in Europe for facial and body treatment. It can also be used in massage therapies such as: lymphatic drainage, shiatsu, ayurvedic and reflexology.
But how does this technique work and function in the body of the individual who seeks it?
Bambuterapia or Bamboo Massage, as it is also known, stimulates the glands found in the human body, providing a draining effect and localized fat reducer, helping in the reduction of cellulite, which has attracted more and more practitioners.
In addition, depending on the work done by the skilled professional, bamboo can help in silhouette reshaping, something common in some aesthetic clinics. This is because the maneuver performed with bamboo is always in the lymphatic direction, getting more intense with the use of specific hot oils and localized fat reducers that are also counteracted by bamboo clamping maneuvers.
So, was curious to meet Bamboo Massage?

Food Guide for aging

We spend a lot of time planning our old age, but are we really prepared?

During our youth it is common to feel willing to practice physical activities that benefit our health and well-being, but what happens when we reach old age?

With aging, there are innumerable physiological, metabolic and structural changes that affect the nutritional status of the human body. In addition to the organic aspects there are also many other factors that make old age one of the most difficult phases of our lives, the use of medicines becomes continuous and recurring pains. But is it possible to grow old in a healthy way? The answer is yes. Older people are less hungry than younger people, and they also have the fastest satiety, which makes their nutritional needs more specific such as increasing and decreasing certain vitamins. To help the population, the Brazilian government has prepared this Food Guide for the population, it is worth checking.